Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"You're wrong no matter what, because you're different than me!"
- Political debate....American style

"Deeez neeeyuts!" - 16 year old me if I won an argument with you. Or if I just felt like saying it. Or....

Nope, I'm NOT going to apologize for THIS joke:
“You’ve got your peanut butter on my chocolate!”
“I’ve had my chocolate in your former governor!”  - Glen Rice at the Alaskan border being childish

I'll bet that Sarah Palin secretly wants some of Obama's "Hopey-changey thing". No wonder she's always taking shots at him!

Wait, I thought when they said Sarah Palin was "on the basketball team" they meant as a player...OOOOOOH, NOW I get it!

That moment when you realize that you have been SETTLING in a certain area of your life ....and decide it will stop immediately. Yup.

Big glass of apple juice…turn to the channel of my choice and get ready to watch THREE’S COMPANY…and instead it’s… THE ROPERS! Nooooooo! Damn you combined syndication packages!!!!

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