Friday, September 16, 2011

(Just a thought...)

An unbiased person can acknowledge TALENT and hate CONTENT. Maddow is great & I love her content. Limbaugh is talented and DON'T like his content. That is the difference between a RATIONAL person and the people that USUALLY post comments on the web. I think for MYSELF. I am NOT a mean spirited, ideological troll.

I write this because I see so many people write "SHE (Maddow) is the WORST". Sorry. Not buying it. She's BRILLIANT. She's also too accurate, too professional, too fair and too honest for an UNBIASED person to say that. Once again, Limbaugh is a brilliant radio performer, I just don't like that he uses his talent to promote inaccuracies & bigotry. I'm NOT looking for an argument, So if you are a person that feels the need to write hateful things or attack because I disagree with've come to the wrong place. I don't engage in that type of conversation in person or on the web. I just felt the need to make this point. The end

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