Saturday, September 3, 2011

You REALLY have to trust someone to let them shave your balls. Oh no...I'm finally bored with porno films....

Fox has Football AND UFC....the new Network logo should have a beard on it.

I let my family rope me into having a barbecue earlier this year, somehow I got stuck doing ALL of the cooking. Now that I have drastically cut down on my meat eating...they have stopped hinting that I should cook.
(I'm going to tell them that I'm drastically cutting down on my cash lending next.)

Hey, this "Watching paint dry channel" is pretty interesting. Thanks PREMIUM PACKAGE! *cancels, starts watching HULU*

Sometimes I look at pictures of female celebs at Hollywood parties…(you know the ones that I mean, where they take pictures hugging guys)… look at their faces. They sooooo don’t want to be there.

They look like they’re five years old and it’s time to eat the Brussels sprouts.

I know how to have multiple orgasms. Yup. Women 10, ME 3. That sounds bad but they beat the rest of you 10 to NOTHING! HA!

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