Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why does my phone battery die as two old guys in Hoveround®'s get into a joust/slap fight? Why god, why!?!

Jim Demint knows that he can't "out crazy" the front runners, so he tries to "out a-hole" them. Sorry, they've got you beat there too.

Starving college athlete takes money to eat, penalized harshly. Rich guy who took advantage of that kid...nothing. Sounds fair to me.

"Elizabeth! This is the BIG ONE! What heart attack? Look down baby, I'm just showing off!"  - Sanford and Son...the prequel

I would love another shot at having a show...but when I look at TV shows now, I'm either going to have to get kidnapped (20/20, Dateline), marry a woman with anger issues and no impulse control (ANY Housewives of show) or have shockingly impressive singing skills that defy my looks (X Factor).

Angst ridden my house...right now...YAY!

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