Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why was my sister so pissed at me for trading "YO MAMA" jokes with my nephew? Oh.

Dear politicians, we know that the things "leaked" from your speeches are your attempts to test market your ideas. Okay? Stop being punks.

Huffpo headline: S. Anthony Thomas Laid Out Flat!
Reality: S. Anthony Thomas gets into his hammock

I love chocolate chip cookies...and ANYONE who doesn't will get diarrhea FOREVER!!!! - If cookies were religions

Does ANYONE still pay attention to the Rotund Radio Racist or the Bombastic Blonde B.S. Artist anymore? If so, you shouldn't.

Sen. Mitch McConnell REJECTS the President's plane BEFORE hearing it,  assuring an addition to next years dictionary... "Preobstruction"

I may watch the debate tonight so I can practice my spontaneous spit takes.

Breaking News! Hundreds sent to ER playing the "Mention Reagan drinking game" watching GOP debate Film at 11!

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