Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you're looking for BBC's Dr Who on the web, be careful. "BBC" means different things on different sites...

I need to get married while I'm STILL pretty. Just kidding. I'll ALWAYS be pretty. Or I'll become rich. Either way....I WILL GET REGULAR "ACTION"!

Dear traffic jam that exists for no good reason....f*ck you!

Dear next guy to sleep with Lady Gaga, you probably DON'T have to be shy about asking her to wear weird outfits in bed for you.

I just saw two gorgeous Asian angels that were so incredible that It made paying $400 for this soda at 7-11 almost worth it.

McDonald's WiFi. 2 girls 1cup video. Large screen laptop. Large McDonald's window by a crowded bus stop. Someone make THIS happen please!

Some Obama supporters consider a republican for 2012, in other news, rabbits tire of briar patches and consider the warmth of lions' dens.

In my house we refer to the toilet as “congress”…because they are both usually full of the same thing.

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