Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Ladies DO like "nice guys"....so pretend to be one until you sleep with
them!" - Bad boys

"Oh crap! Put that gun down!" - Bad boy who picked on the WRONG woman

"Stop laughing! I am NOT too OLD for the club! STOP laughing!" - Bad boy who NEVER learned

...and THAT ends my "Bad boy trilogy" No questions NOW, I'll answer questions about the series at NEXT year's Comic-Con.

Dear Millionaires AND Billionaires....hide your money from the President, by GIVING it to ME!!! I'll take good care of it. I promise...

I'm about to "house" somebody's toilet paper.

I'm going to start a NEW "Secret Society"....I mean, no I'm NOT. *whew*

DADT ends. The world DOESN'T explode. Straight dudes DON'T "Become gay". Bigots and morons wrong...AGAIN. Duh.

Marcus Bachmann Enlists. Film at 11!

Red face, slurred speech, contradicts himself in mid sentence, cries for NO reason....John Boehner you're fooling no one, PASS THAT JOINT!!

I'm searching the web for "2 broke girls" reaction videos.

"Race card" doesn't apply to actual racism. Using "Race card" as a "Straw man" defense of racism, is racism, or at least race insensitivity

I'm hoping congress will begin to repeal *DTDA next. *Don't Think Don't Act. Because that also needs to stop.

"Stop, drop, shut em down open up shop!" - DMX or GOP

Planking. Cut that shit out. Thanks.

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