Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Repeatedly Sleepy Giant

The repeatedly sleepy Giant. What is it? To me it's a large group of people that continuously engage in positive actions for the good of OTHERS simply because it's the right thing to do. The shame is...this giant WILL NOT stay awake. You see it on holidays or tragedies... then it stops. Why? Why do we fight each other? I mean politically, religiously, personally...why?

Why does it take a tsunami, an earthquake, 9/11 etc, to get masses of people to care? Why is there "Compassion Fatigue"? Compassion...FATIGUE? Really? Is there a time limit on compassion? I didn't know that. What will it take to wake the giant PERMANENTLY? Genocide SHOULD be a word in a dictionary ONLY, not something that actually takes place. Why does the giant sleep through this? People HERE lose their homes and have their lives destroyed because of OUTRAGEOUS medical bills. Why does the giant sleep through this?

Companies with trillions of dollars in profit (profit from American consumers) won't hire people HERE in THEIR home country knowing that the unemployment rate is 9%. Why does the giant sleep through this? It's time now. It's time to wake that motherfucker up! WAKE UP!

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