Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey, guys who shorten "Baby" to "Ba.." when calling your lady, just finish the word! I hope she only lets you put the tip in tonight!

There are times when a person DOESN'T feel like talking, it is important in those instances for people to STFU and leave them alone.

Blow people up...NOTHING changes. Peaceful protests with solid message and persistence...the world is WITH you. Will this lesson sink in?

When does the gold digger impregnating competition start? #AllStarGame

"Dictator" *peter griffin laugh* "Dic"-tator. Well, I'm ready for my morning radio and cable news shows after that, right?

My female twitter followers are smart, beautiful and just to let you know, when my fame hits...I will sleep with my lady twitter followers FIRST, THEN reality show ladies. Quality FIRST I say!

I just looked at the FULL sized version of my AVI. I'm STILL cute, but not like when I was in my teens and early twenties...that's why I got it on with myself so often then...said someone else...who IS NOT ME.

It's President's day Monday. In honor of the holiday, the FIRST 43 people that come into MY house must be old white guys.

Hi next lady that I sleep with after my self imposed hiatus...You're welcome. Yes, I am making up for lost time.

Rugged individualism and societal compassion CAN co-exist, those that say that they can't are LYING, MISINFORMED or HAVE AN AGENDA.

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