Saturday, November 27, 2010

S. Anthony says... (Paradigm Shift)

As an American citizen I feel like a kid stuck between to immature parents having a vicious custody battle. It really is like that isn’t it? One is a mean drunk and the other is passive aggressive and withholds affection. What results do parents get in these types of occasions? Aggressive kids who make irrational and stupid decisions. “Keep your Government hands off of my MEDICARE!” etc. What happens when parents lie to the kids? They trust no one….or come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories (anyone watch cable news or listen to talk radio?)

So what do we do? We must demand a paradigm shift. If the goal of BOTH sides is to do what’s best for ALL concerned, then the haggling over the minutia is easy. With similar goals come similar pathways (If people are reasonable of course). But if the goal is merely to outdo or hurt the other, then EVERYONE is included in the collateral damage. Do you hear me Washington D.C.? I SAID DO YOU HEAR ME WASHINGTON D.C.? *sigh* Can I borrow someone’s bullhorn?

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