Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I was literally the first person to vote in my district. So, mine counts as 40million, right?

In 2008, 6 of my little cousins became voting age and I took them with me to vote. Next year, strip club! #worldsbestcousin ;-)

Before you decide that "Failure is NOT an option"...you must define failure. Think about it...

As of 7:02 am this morning I had completed voting...and YOU?

Man, voting was so much fun...I'm going back and doing it again!

Voting against your own best interest: When writing letters, making calls and protesting takes too much time. #civilrightsleadersweresmarter

Nice job Kentucky! Say hello to 1963 for me!

Political Science 101: If you treat the electorate like adults and tell them the truth or you expect them to sacrifice...you lose.

Irrational temper tantrum 2010 aka Election 2010. You have been very bad electorate! Go to your room!

I guess the trick now is to become one of the elite so the bad decisions made by everyone else don't effect you. If only it were that easy.

The Tea Party is now a part of the government...and now we wait...chips, they've made a nice place for you...you may fall now.

New Idea to sheer everyone up. Coffee flavored hookers. Well? (I'm getting bored by all the politics)

Politics is like your toilet, predictable and full of sh*t. Every election cycle we flush and it always swirls the turd clockwise.

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