Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't flirt with ME while you're on the phone with your homegirl complaining about the time it takes to get your STD test back. Gotta go!

I want to slurp on this woman's butt cheeks like they had nipples. Sorry. She's awesome...too bad YOU can't see her.

I just pimp slapped Keyser Söze. No YOU use old movie references! Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

I think it's cute when a woman has a look of surprise on her face when she's licked in certain places. Yeah, this lady has class...for now.

No lady is beautiful enough to make me put up with stupid crap....for more that 45-90 minutes.

If I'm online shopping and I slip and fall can I sue the store? Hello? Frigging TV lawyers and their attitude problems...

Jan Brewer thinks organ transplants are OPTIONAL operations. Top THAT Sarah Palin! YOU just kill BEARS. Wimp.

Someone please start a "Green Tea Party"....loud aggressive people that make sense.

My 7 year old cousin said something ill informed and three mins later she was a front runner for a congressional seat in the next election.

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