Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is family, who are friends?

I realize that I have a different definition of what a family is and what friends are. Some people think that merely coming into existence because of an earlier rhythmic collision of the same genitals makes you family. Some people feel that proximity creates friendship. I disagree. I think it's a consistent expression of love, concern and caring. I truly don't think that is too much to ask. I think that those things are a minimum requirement.

I find it amusing that people that have never met me will pay money to hear me speak for 60-120 minutes and love every second of it, but sometimes when I am with those that should care the thoughts and or feelings mean nothing. It is not a blow to my self esteem, nor is this a "Pity party". It's just an acknowledgement of what is. There is no hate in my heart and anger has no place there as well. I know now that there are people close to me that can no longer be close to me.

In my life there are "Friends" that aren't and it's okay to say goodbye to them. Sometimes for your own spiritual and emotional well being...and happiness, you have to say goodbye. A new and better self and a new and better life must be built on solid ground. It's time now. Namaste.

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