Thursday, April 1, 2010

The S. Man Says...

If you complain ALL OF THE TIME even if it's are a f*cking drag to be know who you are... (Guy next door)

AUTO-erotic asphyxiation is for impatient people or people who can't find a hooker with big enough hands...I'm others...

April fools! I'm really a very attractive young Asian woman. I fooled you with that whole really cute black guy thing! Suckas!

DON'T ask the guy at your local market "How many ice bags would You recommend for organ harvesting?" YOU won't make it home. I barely did.

Eating pizza nude, a piece of pepperoni lands on my balls...upon eating it...I realize why my exes didn't mind blowing me. I'm delicious.

Three input women...the greatest of all creations. Correction...three input BISEXUAL women...the greatest of all creations.

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