Thursday, April 22, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Happy Earth Day

So, I guess I'm supposed to NOT smash aerosol cans with baby seal carcasses today?

I hate her politics....but damn Elizabeth Hasselbeck is smoking hot!

Look at that Blue/Green bitch...she thinks she's special! #Themoonbeingahateronearthday

Ladies, I am the Doctor of love. Well, more like the Optometrist. “Hey girl…is this better or worse…better or worse…”

It's funny, almost any stranger will join in on a high five...but try for a boobie suckle and everyone turns all "I'm gonna call a cop sir!"

After what I did with this cashier just now in the bathroom...this place should be called Barnes & Not so Noble! #fantasyorisit?

To keep the prison population down, do a better job of telling people about unwanted buttocks visits. That's why I don't kill. Wait, what?

Forget that “Double Down” burger you sissies! I can’t wait for next years “All In” burger. It’s not only the name of the sandwich, it’s what the pallbearers will say 6 months later when they drop you 400 pound ass 6 feet in the ground after eating that crap!

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