Wednesday, April 7, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

I wonder if I'd be so well informed if there weren't so many smoking hot newswomen in my home town. Yes, I watch the news bottomless.

I had it strapped to my face for over an hour before I realized that "ipad" was just a brand name. Public schools, they're FANTASTIC!

Wow! I just found the instruction manual for my junk. It says "Store in warm, moist, tight space" Hmm....if only such a place existed...

Somewhere between extremes lies a vast expanse called truth & common sense. Join us here, there’s plenty of room… unfortunately.

My neighbor has a vicious pit bull that everyone is afraid of. There's no need for fear. Show the dog love by giving him chocolate daily.

I'm just sitting here at Walmart watching parents live vicariously through other parents who don't mind beating THEIR kids. Good times.

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