Thursday, April 15, 2010

....And I'll Say It Again...

Don't stand next to me if the world is ending...because I'm screwing whoever is next to me. Also, if my cab is late.

It’s tax time everybody…bend over and practice screaming Ouch!!!!!

I’m so ill informed. All of that time I thought the KKK hated black people when they burned crosses on peoples lawns but it turns out that they were mad at Jesus. I don’t know why, from what I read he was a pretty nice guy. I would suggest you stop picking on him, I don’t think his dad would appreciate it.

Call me crazy, but I could never be racist and stupid enough to protest against my own best interest.

The best feeling in the world to a guy?...Being deep, deep inside the woman of his choice. Nothing better than that....or Phillies tickets.

Practice makes the next time I "Take care of myself"'s gonna be awesome! Check YouTube tomorrow if you don't believe me.

I find it odd when a person on FB takes an obvious joke literally. I would explain the joke to them...but sometimes stupidity amuses me.

Hey baby, let me put this coin in the fountain. #Euphemismthatsoundedgoodinmyheadbutnotinreallife

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