Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'll be here all week!...

Are television execs even interested in entertaining adults on Saturdays? Goodness gracious, television sucks!

A friend just bought an iphone and already has to buy an upgrade for his "How to keep your phone from being obsolete" app. Ironic huh?

Have you ever looked at the people you hang out with and suddenly feel like you're inhaling... "Second hand loser?"

Bang...change condom...repeat.

Powerball lottery why have you forsaken me? Do you know how many idiotic purchases and hot skanky women I could have now? C'mon let me win!

A friend emailed a video of a guy getting chocolate licked of his balls by a dog. Sick! Chocolate is bad for dogs...oh and that's gross.

I love hookers that come back with your change.

Uh, ladies...does THICKNESS count?

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