Friday, April 23, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Wait, I just realized...when I overheard my ex on the phone calling me "Thick & Dense"...she DIDN'T mean my junk. Bitch.

I have to get a digital rectal exam from my Doctor next month. I hope the box she uses is smaller than the one on my TV!

I promise you sir, I will NOT try anything with her TONIGHT. But when she's not on her period, I'm going in so deep I might hit brain stem.

To the lady that left me tied up covered in syrup...NOT FUNNY! Hold on...false alarm...she's back with a hot girlfriend. Disregard message.

I was going to go to Arizona...but I have to make sure that I first have papers saying which slave ship my family was brought over on. (

Taking bets on which state is the next to do something institutionally racist and or stupid…..

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