Monday, April 19, 2010

Nuff Said!...

I love this coffee so much, I'm stirring it with my junk. Sorry. I meant, I love this coffee so much. I'm stirring it with my junk.

I get the feeling that there aren't a lot of successful password thieves in Iceland.

I put the sperm in sperm whale. Hey, DON'T JUDGE ME....she was asking for it! How would YOU know? YOU don't speak whale!

You "pick" your friends, your family? pay someone to "pick them off" while you "happen" to be in the audience of a live TV show. What?

The LIPITOR ® dip that comes with the new KFC Double Down Sandwich is delicious.

Damned Cialis! They warn you about a 4 hour erection, but say NOTHING about the 4 hours of ejaculation! Bastards!...I'm thirsty...& tired.

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