Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Speaking my mind...

Can you, as an adult, divorce a whole family? If so, I'm ready.

The US Senate.... The last time that I saw that many "Bitches" in the same room I was at the dog pound.

Uh, you know that those religious books contain allegories right dude? Okay, then you should probably stop cutting your hand off now....

You CAN smile while calling the cops apparently. Thanks lady who unbeknown to me, noticed that I was, I mean some guy was following her...

Why are all of these Taco Bells on fire? #welcometoarizona

He who smelt it, dealt it. He who killed it, buried it.... whatever man, just hand me the bleach and shut up!

Alright, I'm only going to say this ONCE. A dog IS NOT man's best friend. Man's best friend is a disease free, willing vagina. Thank you.

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