Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Cold days in the northeast = me with a new nipple fetish. My whipped cream budget for this month is going to skyrocket!

On the way home saw a father screaming at his sons and I thought..."If only I had some kids to publicly humiliate..." dream.....

People have got to learn not to judge. I asked a sales lady for enough soundproofing for my trunk walls and I get attitude. Bad move lady...

I'm taking high blood pressure meds. I don't need them, but I've got a lie detector test to beat tomorrow.

Almost got hit by a guy on his phone while driving. I forgave him. Also no matter what you hear, I was not the one who called in his plate and said he shot at a cop.

It's hump day!!! Yeah, I know it's supposed to be Wednesday... but her leg is here NOW! Don't judge me people!

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