Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

What a sad break up. I hope Brad and Angelina can each find someone to have sex with them now. Poor bastards.

Rain. Gods request for a wet tee-shirt contest.

Could someone please come up with a dating/relationship GPS that will help me navigate around and through crazy assed ladies please!

FYI, when a woman says that she really wants her ass smacked hard....make sure she's talking to YOU. Sometimes surprises aren't welcome ones.

A friend lost a bet & had 2 shave his pits & use spray deodorant. So immature. I'll be right back he's asleep & we're all gonna fart on him.

Why do they call lawyers ambulance chasers, that's not fair. They're too smart for that....they wait for you at the hospital now. Duh!

Sex in the back seat is less exciting when the real car owner shows up with her kids and the police. Humans are animals too lady, we mate!

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