Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Cheating ex made a request for "the junk"...NOPE!!! Was I mean to let her know that I practice Tantric sex now? HAHAHAHA!! Too bad!!!!

Anyone got a grenade I can borrow? Some people don't know the difference between a stop sign and a stop and wait sign!

Wow, I got hit on by a bunch of twenty somethings....but finally, I gave them the wallet. Yeah it's silly, but it made me giggle...Shut up!

A mouse comes into your house and you can kill it. A neighbor takes your spot AGAIN and you can't. Where is the line & are there loopholes?

Am I smarter that a fifth grader, hell I'm smarter than a do you think I got all of them in this basement naked? Huh?...

This new iphone app is awesome..."iorgasm"....I was so glad that it comes (unintentional pun) with a little squeegee. It's very necessary.

Just got back from my nephews game and the Best of the World music awards is on. It is proof positive that music everywhere sucks.

Save money? Why? These guys will lend me all I want if I let them hold my car title.

Technically it's NOT flashing if you never close your coat. The officer didn't buy it either.

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