Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Just got back from the Doctors office. Quick question, are they supposed to film your prostate exam?

Breaking News! Jay Leno tries to use Eminent domain to oust Conan O'Brien. Film at 11 unless Leno wants that spot, if so Film at 11:30.

Have you ever let someone cut in front of you just to have a long look at their beautiful butt? That's what the lady behind me just did.

Success is the best lubricant....I mean reward...reward.

A "Stripsearch" means I'M supposed to take MY clothes off right?...come to think of it she wasn't wearing a uniform and this is a newsstand.

It's fun watching a grown man dressed as a snapple bottle try to run. Take ONE my ass. Catch me if you can bottle boy!! Thirsty? Hahahaha!!

Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...because duh, I CAN SEE YOU....and I will shoot you....from my house...made of bricks.

This morning my friends cat was licking my face, as soon as I woke up it ran away. Tease.

Am I my brothers keeper? Why, what did you hear? Nothing from the basement right?

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