Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Look at me I'm at the Golden Globes, look at my tits! Me: If they're not IN MY HOUSE covered in chocolate pudding and my saliva STFU!!!

"Customer Service Department" does not mean what you think...ok, it doesn't mean what I no more "Target" for a year....

The world has just jumped the shark.

Some peoples comments drip with sarcasm, mine swim
in it.

It's amazing how time flies. I'm too old now to be seen
cavorting with 18year olds. Thank goodness for tinted
windows & covered garages. DON'T try on underwear in the dressing room? Ok
upscale store, I guess I'm gonna have to try on your pants
commando style.

You have to really trust someone to let them tie you up.
Silly hooker. I guess this is a freebie.

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