Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

NBC, "His show is so cheap the ratings don't matter" was the best way to sell Leno? That's like "He's ugly but he's a good provider!"

A poll..... Is Jay Leno more like A) Kanye West B) Brett Favre any thoughts?

So, I guess the message in the Windows 7 commercials is "Windows 7, our customers are delusional narcissists."

Love is a woman popping a pimple on your butt. Real love is the same woman saying "Yo nasty, wash your butt before you get a booty pimple!"

Women don't tell you what they want. They make you aware of it. Once you know that, life is easy. Also, give them LOTS of cunnilingus.

"Come sit on Grandpa's knee." Sir, you're not my grandpa, and how did you get in here?

Salespeople really should be more specific when they ask "Can I help you?" Also I should be less graphic in my requests.

"You can't go home again". Ending the restraining order like that was just mean.

My date slipped something into my drink and now I feel compelled to listen to her talk about her day.....antidote...quickly!!!!

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