Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Home invaders are just impatient cat burglars.

Catch 22.... but don't let her father catch you. That'll get your old ass shot.

I saw this woman licking ice cream and it was a real turn on. Just to
clarify, I call my junk ice cream.

If a black cat crosses your path It's bad luck...unless you eat it.
That's the saying right?

They still sell soap on a rope? How dirty does that one spot on
the front of your neck have to be to make someone buy that for you?

Why are these guys burning a CROSS on my lawn? I'm a BUDDHIST.
Silly KKK.

I don't like that whole slap on the ass after a touchdown ritual.
For a touchdown you should get a happy ending...with a cheerleader!!!

Not to brag but I make women prematurely ejaculate....Yes they
can!!! Shut up!!

Don't try the new Chia condom....messy...

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