Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Damn! I lost another staring contest. This ladies ass just won't blink. I'm about to challenge her boobs. Bring it on boobs!!

Someone please get the Republicans a G.P.S. system. They keep missing the mark and showing up on the WRONG side of history.

The DMV is suing the Republican senators for copyright infringement for stealing their patented idea of incompetence, stalling and stupidity.

Let's see, which "non gift giving" religion will I pretend to convert to this year just before xmas? Hmmm....

Perception.----> Solitary prison it's a punishment. If your family is visiting it's fucking nirvana. Just saying...

My friend missed the irony of his apartment being robbed of everything except his bootleg movies and cd's.

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