Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

It snowed right BEFORE xmas and right AFTER xmas, it's like God is playing "keep away" with us. "Want this snow? Here. Sike! Here. Sike!"

I'm tri-polar. Sometimes I'm high, sometimes I'm low, sometimes I'm in the middle. Huh?....what?....oh. Nevermind, that's everybody.

What a great day. I've practiced and perfected my new, soon to be needed, after the New Years Eve "Perp Walk" See ya on the morning news!!

It must be depressing as hell to be bi-sexual and still not have a significant other. Twice the choices & still nobody. Maybe it's you.

I am as always, "Designated driver" I don't really mind, my friends carry lots of cash...and never remember what happened the night before.

New Years crowds...Now when I press my crotch against random womens' asses I can say it's an accident. do I explain the nudity?

Need anal regularly? Date an ex drug mule. Anybody that can "handle" 10 bags of hash can handle nightly visits from Mr Winky. Just Saying.

AT&T dropping Tiger Woods is no big deal, he doesn't like long term contracts anyway. He's better of with "Cricket"''s pay as you go!

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