Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Sex in the shower is awesome. I am so glad that I planted those cameras in my neighbors house.

Just so you know, before I post anything...I write it in the snow...if you know what I mean. Well, gotta drink up. Feeling talkative....

You have to really trust your lady to let her tie you up. Especially if you see a cooler with "Kidney" written on it in the bathroom.

Jello wrestling and Jello shots. How can one little product bring so much joy?

It's fun to watch the kids have snowball fights, especially when one group realizes the quick way to win is to put rocks inside...memories.

The kids on my block are out making Snow Angels. When they're done, I'm gonna walk through them and make them look like Crime Scene Angels.

Let's flip. Heads U win, Tails U lose. Congrats. Now we flip again. Heads, U GIVE me my money back, Tails I pull out my GUN....Thanks.

I would like to apologize to my date last night. Apparently, you CAN'T eat EVERYTHING with chopsticks.

Listen dieters, if portion control isn't important, why does weed come in those little baggies? Yeah, feel stupid now don't ya?

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