Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

I invited a cute lady over for a poker party. When she showed up and saw no cards....well... um...she wasn't too fond of my play on words.

Saw on a commercial that the average teacher spends $500 per year on school supplies. Not said $400 of it is on weapons.

Your dreams are supposed to mean something, but what does it mean that I like to have the back of my head caressed when I eat clam chowder?

Be careful when shopping pants less at 7-11, the coffee is hot and the women startle easily. Just saying.

I feel guilty about it but every time I see Magic Johnson...I can't help but think about "it". You know..... Damn his talk show sucked!!!!

U see the beautiful wife and kid, kiss the kid, make love 2 the wife 4 hours, then leave B 4 her hubby returns with $500...ah, good times.

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