Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Ah, this Starbucks Transfat and Carcinogen smoothie is awesome....anyone else dizzy?....

Man, when Tiger Woods wants to get out of endorsement deals...he goes the extra mile!

Xmas eve-eve, or as pick pockets call it "Black Wednesday."

A cigar when you have a child? Why? "Well, now that I've helped create a new life, lets celebrate by hastening our already inevitable death".

I understand the Tea Baggers now. If you held someones head in hot water (Like a teabag) the lack of oxygen would produce the same idiocy.

Beans, beans, good 4 ur heart, the more U eat the more U...hmmm. To finish this I'm gonna need a word 4 flatulence that rhymes with heart...

Rushed my next door neighbor to the E.R. It was a preemptive move because of the ass whipping I was planning on giving him.

Ran into the high school bully. He's a different guy now. I guess being sold for cigarettes in prison does a lot for ones attitude.

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