Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Got stuck driving relatives around for 5 hours, do you know what would taste good right now? A friggin' bullet!

First Oprah quits, now Tyra.....is there a conspiracy to rid television of brown DD cup breasts?

Just waiting for the 31st so I can do things that will immediately require a new years resolution...

Every time I see Jamie Lee Curtis now I think about "Number 2" Times have changed. When I was a teen she inspired a more fluid body release.

I'm going to open a side effect manufacturing plant. My specialties... "Lack of sleep, decrease in semen, anal leakage & tender breasts"

I'm taking some shots of these guys pitching pennies because in my dictionary there is no picture next to the word loser.

They have "toothbrush on the go", so I'm coming out with "Shower in a bottle" Okay, it's just dishwashing liquid but people are stupid.

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