Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

On behalf of every black man in america I want to thank that jackass terrorist for the prostate exams I'm going to get every time I fly.

Ever hear a conversation that makes you rethink being in a relationship? Maybe I should call the cops. Nah, her hitman looks incompetent.

Our country is like a vice buffet. Prostitution is legal in Nevada, Weed is "legal" in California, BRIBERY & PERJURY are legal in D.C.....

How can you be an adult, tell your kid that there is no Santa and still watch Fox (News?). What, THEY can't have fairy tales and YOU can?

That show "Junk Raiders" on the ION network is about people using old furniture and save your lotion fellas, false alarm.

Her: "Does my butt look fat?" Him: "I'm way over here, behind your left butt cheek, that's why you couldn't see me."#aboyfriendslastwords

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