Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The obstructions that are going on in the House & Senate have a weird combination of evil and immaturity that should be beneath "Adults"

The line between spanking and beating a child is the same as the line between parent and piece of shit. That is all.

The inventors of Chocolate and Coffee don't get enough props...the ONLY person who should get MORE props is the inventor of genitals. Yup.

Are we still pretending that these cable and radio shows aren't racist? I'm tired of stepping in all of the elephant shit in the room.

Uh, you see the a-hole on the train farting, the guy peeing on the wall and the guy talking to himself? The all get jury duty notices. Yup.

Name tag + pimples + wrinkled shirt = don't give me an attitude unless you want it proved to you that taste CAN be slapped out of your mouth.

Has ANY toymaker come up with a bubble maker  for kids that ISN'T breakable in 4 hours? I need something bad to happen to these people NOW!

I don't know whether I've achieved another level of evolution or I'm numb to my family's craziness...but it feels good not to give a shit.

Can't we as humans come up with a garment that takes the bodily excretions AWAY? Did that atom smashing experiment overseas go to waste?

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