Thursday, July 22, 2010

In a perfect world, boobs would taste like coffee without me having to apply it to them. But, it is fun to slurp coffee off them. Nevermind.

The only reason breitbart attacked Ms. Sherrod with an edited tape is because he couldn't find a fire hose and attack dogs fast enough.

Breaking News!!! Shirley Sherrod accused of starting forest fires because of new breitbart tape showing her blowing out birthday candles... 

Do you get the feeling that breitbart & the cable and radio racists watch "Eyes on the Prize" with their pants down?

I've been intentionally not capitalizing the first letter in the name breitbart...because he and his ilk are lowercase human beings.

When it rains, I do the dance number from "Singin' in the rain" then I sing "Umbrella". Wait, that's right when I stopped getting laid...

I just saw a Chinese woman screaming at her husband an a Mexican wife doing the same. No matter the language angry women sound the same...

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