Sunday, July 25, 2010

If it burns going in, it's going to burn coming out. This info is for those who like hot foods...and to good looking people going to jail.

If you base your show or movie in L.A. and you
have the criminal GETTING AWAY in a car chase I call bullsh*t. I've lived there. No way....

Hulu really needs to add a porno section.

*Hands card to gorgeous hooker* "Give me a call when you want to graduate to Gold-digging arm candy, I'm offering a live-in position"

People who block traffic when there are parking spaces available should be tasered in the ass. That is all.

Being called "friend" by a woman that's special to you hurts worse than being punched in the gut. What's even laughing at you.

Are you f*cking crazy!?! - A kid 3 seconds after having his mouth washed out with soap for cursing.

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