Sunday, March 28, 2010

The S.Man Speaketh...

If it's Sunday morning and I wake up with underwear on...Saturday night sucked.

I'd rather watch an exercise infomercial than the Sunday talking head shows. They're both full of lies but at least the former has hotties.

Politicians are so stuck on their labels. How about earning these labels? "Compassionate" "Trustworthy" or "Human" Call me when you do.

I'm holding in my flatulence to celebrate "Ozone Hour"

I don't know what feels better, being deep inside a beautiful woman or afterward when she says "Put away your wallet, this ones a freebie"

I bought some lead from china and there were some toys in it. #dyslexicexploitedchildlabor

Don't abuse your kids, write down all of the effed up things they do...wait until they're... 18...THEN kick their asses!

Americas Funniest Home Videos? Really? It's like having your grandpa pick, describe and discuss everything you see on YouTube. Hail naw!!!

The romantic music captivated us. I saw her, she saw me...our eyes locked...and at that moment we knew. We both had Bell's palsy.

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