Monday, March 15, 2010

The S. Man Sayeth...

This whole "Waking up without a naked delicious woman on top of me" thing has got to stop!!

If beautiful women had kids with goofy looking guys like me, in a few generations everyone would look better. C'mon hotties...for the kids.

Texting and having sex is more dangerous than texting and driving. Especially if she owns a gun.

You can't you yell "Fire" in a movie theater and running up the aisle with a rubber gun screaming "Die die die!" also a no no.

I don't like "March Madness". That's what I called it when the ex stomped away talking to herself when I was proven right about something.

♫♫ I've got the music in me! I've got the music in me! I've got the music in me!♫♫ I like women to scream that instead of "Harder! Faster!"

Cross Dressing or Cross Training....I forget...which one is supposed to get you in shape?

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