Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The S. Man Says...

So, the name KILLER Whale wasn't warning enough? I feel for the family, but as humans we need to avoid things that eat us. Just saying...

Remember fellow humans, we won the "Top of the Food Chain" championship by a decision. It wasn't a rout. Other animals can still "F" us up!

Your grandpa is 85 years YOUNG? YOUNG?....oh....dementia starts early in your family...ok...whatever you say buddy.

If a tree falls in the woods & it lands on the person I was aiming at...& there's no one around...is there enough plausible deniability?

Wait....wine doesn't ALWAYS come in boxes? Who knew?

I date women with kids. It's great. After sex, when they want to "talk", just say I hear your kids, she leaves, you sleep. Life's good.

I love dating single moms. The married moms...not so much.

Show up at Walmart with low self esteem, stand by the discount bin...compare yourself to others and leave a narcissist. Thanks discount bin!

With all of this free Porn on the web...something amazing happened. I've become bored with it. My goodness. Soon, hell will freeze over.

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