Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mr Thomas Speaks...

It's hump day! Bend over world, I'm coming...well eventually. I do do tantra.

My reality show is my back window, the one that faces the house full of narcissistic exhibitionists. Aw yeah!

You call it looking at my neighbor naked in her bathroom through a telescope, I call it distance learning. Can we agree to disagree officer?

When your woman said she was going out for some polish sausage that's not what you had in mind huh? Stop crying! #worldsworstsupportgroup

Now because of Jihad Jane, Philly has to hear about snowballs thrown at Santa AND terrorism.

I have a friend with a Prius if there is anyone that wants to get even with an ex...I mean...need to borrow a fuel efficient car...*wink*

After several slaps to the face, I finally realized that "Palm Sunday" didn't mean what I thought. Apologies ladies, to you and your booties.

Smoke Rings is a band? So, when your sister says she likes to blow smoke rin...oh. Well you should have been suspicious, she's a non smoker.

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