Saturday, March 27, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

I'm allergic to the hamster wheel that we call everyday life. Anyone have an EpiPen®? Nevermind, I've got one.

On the Friday after next Thanksgiving I'm going to start selling "I hate my Family" Tee shirts. I'm gonna be rich beeyaaatach!!!!

I'm taking an online study course. Which one you ask? It's called "Hot lesbian neighbor on a secret bedroom cam" I'm gonna get an A+

I'm not walking past that women's gym again. That last time...I was gang blown. Never again. They'd better give up some booty next time.

I'm thinking of breaking my Earth Hour into three 20min chunks until I can work my way up to an hour. I don't want to pull a muscle.

After Earth hour, I'm going to participate in "Moon Minute". (Full disclosure, I just want an excuse to show strangers my ass. Shhh!)

Man it's good to be home...what the?...the house is still here? Damned discount arsonist!

If you buy a product, they try to sell you the extras. I bought a pin hole camera and they tried to sell me lotion and tissues.

Pitbulls...for when you don't have enough money to buy an SUV to compensate for your small penis. (Take that a-hole neighbor!!!!!)

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