Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Encyclopaedia Britannica...DEAD. Wikipedia, where were YOU last night at 10pm? No answer huh? Cuff him!

Why does it STILL amuse me when I post something wild and over the top...and someone takes it LITERALLY?

If your large boobed lady wears a low cut top, don't get mad if people look. And guys, it's bad to mime slurping her boobs...apparently.

I didn't realize how bad people are at small talk until I tried to not be narcissistic for 15 minutes. Never again. I'm too good for that.

It's time for the press to boycott Rush Limbaugh. Stop feeding his racist, misogynistic, overblown ego. Rush, fuck you.

This dollar store deodorant is great! The burning doesn't bother me at all. No I'm not crying. Call an ambulance please.

"The President doesn't lower gas prices. Try more than one source of info, preferably one that includes facts. Thanks." - Informed People

Sometimes I watch the election returns and it amazes me how happy people can get about casting a vote that proves their bigotry.

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