Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New cable channel idea...S.Anthony TV: Shows that DON'T suck! Huh? Eh?

Don't engage in discussions about politics on Facebook. That is all.

Facebook: "Happy birthday person that I don't know!"
Twitter: " Is booty eating out of the question....person that I don't know!?!"

A woman was looking at me thinking that I was looking at her. She started to get full of herself not realizing that I was looking at the parking spot...NOT HER. She was so busy being indignant, that she walked into a tree. Yeah, good times...

"Satan seen at Occupy Wall Street protest beating YOUR GRADNMOTHER to death on top of burning piles of cash" - Fox News...eventually

Chris Christie Endorses Mitt Romney For President Ahead Of 2012, then wipes the Koch Brother residue from his chin. Film at 11.

Herman Cain: "Obama's not Black enough! (Paraphrase)"
Black People: "Neither are the people who paid you to say that! (NOT paraphrased)"

How long will it be before a depressed Rick Perry is on cable selling "The Rick Perry Schwoogie Stone" made from chunks of that N word rock?

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