Monday, October 3, 2011

"Let them eat pepper steak....and onions! With white OR fried rice" - Marie-Antoinette's relatives open a Chinese restaurant in the hood

My NEW hunting camp is called "African American Cabeza" - Rick Perry trying too hard

I'm NOT enough of a narcissist to be mean, too much love for humanity, but I AM enough of one to not mind tweeting/posting into the ether...

My blog "People who need to STFU and fall off of the planet because they're a-holes" wasn't as popular as I'd hoped. Huh, go figure...

Solyndra. Iraq. Torture. Financial meltdowns. Slow response to Katrina. Yeah, they're ALL the same. Continue cable news....continue...

I haven't done ONE Chris Christie fat joke. If I do those jokes....let's just say they'll be about a radio d-bag...but I won't go there.

Mr Cantor, Mr Cain, I know you enjoy the attention of your "friends" but if you overheard them talking about you after you leave the room...

I'm REALLY happy for the FIRST guy that sleeps with Amanda Knox. She's going to tear his ass up! Lucky mofo!

Hank Williams Jr compares Obama to Hitler, MNF compares Hank to a magician's rabbit and makes him disappear.

We as regular people DON'T hate rich people. I would love to be able to have ANYTHING that I want as I'm pretty sure is the case with most people. What people hate is heartless, greedy, evil motherfuckers. But I digress...sorry. To answer your question, yes, I DO watch C.S.I. Miami.

75% of people polled say the news is full of intellectually lazy sellouts, the other 25% can't find Rick Perry's camp with the sign down.

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