Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clean...air, water, food (in order of importance). We DON'T want them protected? Because of money? Can't spend it when you're dead.

If I went into a fast food place and the food actually looked like the food in the advertisements, I'd think something was wrong with it.

During the off season, NFL refs should follow people around and call penalties on them for being d-bags.


My two little (they're 18 & 19 years old) cousins are staying with me this week. The older of the two recorded the football game so he could watch it after work:

Cousin 1 (19yrs old): "Cousin S., don't tell me what happened. I drove here with the radio off so that I wouldn't find out."

Me  (Older than 19): "Ok."

Cousin 1 turns on the television. At the exact moment the the game pops on the screen....

Cousin 2 (18yrs old) *bursts into the house screaming* "I can't belive that they blew it like THAT! Did you see that fumlble!?!"

Cousin 1 *looks down defeated, drops remote on the couch and walks upstairs*

Cousin 2 "What?"

Me (Older than 19 plus 45 more seconds) *tries not to laugh...waits...goes to my computer and...

If we clapped our butt cheeks instead of our hands imagine how much harder it would be to earn applause. (THIS is why I don't post everything that I think)

"You're evil!"
"You're a Marxist, Socialist, Commie!"  - Adults (Allegedly)

I don't like a site with sexual content being called go "DADDY", couldn't it at least be called go "weird neighbor with no"?

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