Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda #2, Al Qaeda #2, Al Qaeda #2,.... Now, let's have some Wall Street perp walks...

I finally decide to sell my soul to the Illuminati and now EVERYBODY is occupying wall street and messing it up. HOW...DARE...YOU!!!

The leading cause of death for teens? Car crashes.
Number 2? Mad parents at the accident scene.
Number 3? Hit by another car running from parents at the accident scene

I'm a black man. You knew? Who told you?

I'll bet that most reporters who are parents ignore their kids having a tantrum at the toy store, yet Rush Limbaugh they encourage daily.

There is no cool way to buy ex-lax, but nice try bro. Nice try.

When will his followers realize that Harold Camping is saying "Your world is coming to an end!" to himself in the mirror? Stop worrying.

We get a 2 week build up to Christmas, BUT I dress up like a zombie and knock on people's doors for candy a little early and I get grief.

Obama cures cancer, GOP says that Obama is personally attacking the sunscreen industry and costing them jobs Film at 11!

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