Thursday, May 27, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

That BP oil spill was a great TV show. I hope that it doesn't confuse people for six seasons, then disappoint 30% of the fans in the finale.

I know that REPETITIVE motion injuries are painful, sometimes even serious...but I must admit, when someone says they have one I giggle....

Anyone else notice that the technique used to stop the oil spill is very similar to what freshmen in college have to endure? Just saying.

Faking foreplay since 1984.

Guys, if YOU were more mature and had more impulse control women could walk around topless. You deserve that freedom ladies....Freedom!

Utility company employees that come to turn you off are nothing more than loan shark leg breakers in blue uniforms.

I can tie soft serve ice cream into a knot with my tongue. Ladies?

What is the age cut off for using a wet nurse? Also, are there any women who don't mind dry nursing...or whipped cream nursing...or...

It's amazing how much cheaper a car inspection is when you take your money out of your gun holster.

If you have seen Sex and the City 2 and it takes you 4 hours to GET an erection please see your doctor.

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