Friday, May 28, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Public transportation....public toilet....the difference? Wheels. Thank goodness I have my car back!

BP oil spill = mother earth with diverticulosis...or a money grubbing, incompetent company that couldn't give a damn. Either one works.

....the bad thing is, the porno version of my life would also suck. No not THAT way you double entendre loving mofos!

FYI, if you see straight men in line for Sex and the City 2...they were promised anal. Ironic huh?

The next person that places an advertisement on my Facebook wall just because I have a lot of "friends" getting kicked in the throat.

Man, do I need a beautiful woman to come over here...get in bed with me...and use the sexual version of the BP "Top Kill" method on me.

Ladies...if you only knew. If you only knew....

Leave all white collar criminals alone in a room with the victims...and give the victims immunity from whatever happens. Problem solved.

Ladies, if your man eats your booty for an have no right to complain about swallowing. That is all.

Do you know what it's like to pull the muscles in all of your toes and the soles of your feet simultaneously? Hi, I'm S. Anthony....

"There's just something special about KNOWING that you are going to get laid" And thus the roofie salesman concluded his presentation...

Have you ever looked longingly at someone who's life is in a downward spiral because it's better than the straight drop you're experiencing?

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